10748 days in the same box

A little under 28.5 years have the two of us shared this house. 

Most parts of the box have stayed the same — exterior walls, for example.

The woods change daily, from human imprints…

…to changing weather conditions…

…but the woodland bench view remains forever relaxing!

Here’s to life in a box. Not bad, not bad at all.

In fact, it exactly matches my childhood dream of being a ditch digger living in a cabin in the woods.

Bonus life goals met: writing, publishing and receiving a professional review of my book; living/traveling in Europe; owning an Italian sports car…except one, building/writing in a writer’s studio/cottage containing a library and sweeping views (with the bonus of having a hidden stairwell/passageway).

I keep on living so I might as well keep reaching my deepest goals as others explore life off this planet.


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