First working writer’s studio sketches

Early winter, I start drawing my next year’s projects, including the writer’s studio I’ve put off for years, thinking for some reason that I didn’t deserve my own writer’s studio (my spacefaring friend’s inspiration to complete the dance floor project changed all that).

I’ve decided to build a writer’s studio that looks like a building that was blown over by the wind (at least from the outside).

Here are a couple of working sketches, subject to much change before implementing the construction phase:


[Probably should put this in one of the free CAD programs on my notebook PC.]

Other ideas to add:

  1. Secret room/stairwell.
  2. Hidden door.
  3. Electrical outlets.
  4. Heating/cooling.
  5. Insulation.
  6. Windows/skylights.
  7. Bookshelves/storage.
  8. Greenhouse/growing space/alcove.
  9. Electronic maker’s space.
  10. Sound system.
  11. Use glass stored in garage for windows since weight is not as much of as issue as it was in the third story portion of the writer’s studio/treehouse.

Question: should the adobe hut attach to this structure?

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