To write, to act or to take action with writing?

Part of my daily morning meditation, when the concept of me/I wants recognition, validation and perpetuation, involves analysis of a word, phrase or idea, with written summary of said analysis.

Like looking at the dead tree branches and dead tree trunks rotting in the forest around me, then comparing them to the human population and wondering why we extend care for people who are essentially rotting close to death.

I know, I know, it seems cold, callous, uncaring.  Many of those people are dear loved ones.  Some, though, are practically strangers whose only “family” are paid caretakers.

Then there are those who rot alone.

And maybe rot/rotting is not the best verb/verbal descriptive term to use in polite conversation but I use it purposefully here to keep the comparison between trees and us clearly understood.

Our like attraction to one another that falls under terms like sympathy, empathy, compassion, love, is what separates us from trees.

We cannot see a tree crying for a lost companion struck down by lightning or killed by hurricane force winds.

Certainly, we’ve seen trees slightly uprooted which lean against other trees and continue to live many decades but would we say a supporting tree intentionally held up its forest companion?

Why this comparison between trees and us?

Because we plan to leave this planet and discover sets of states of energy which, like us, make intentional acts of support for one another.

What would we say to extraterrestrial trees about our habits of warehousing elderly ancestors or distant relatives who are left alone to slowly die in the company of paid strangers?  Would the extraterrestrial trees understand such a concept?  Would we learn anything from each other?


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