Nutritious tails

Working in a free health clinic and having a sport fishing hobby connected the dots for me.

Over the past couple of years I’ve noticed more and more young families bring in loved ones with nasal infections.

Sampling the mucus secretions revealed a common cause for many — a tiny maggot that I couldn’t find in North American scientific research.

Finally, while fishing last month, I spotted a nutria, which sparked my curiosity.

Sure enough, the maggot is a larval form of a parasite that infects nutria.

This past week, I talked with several of the families who had nasal infections and they verified my theory — the vast majority had brought nutria with them when they migrated to our country, raising the rodents in nearby riverbeds, keeping them indoors during cold weather.

I love solving mysteries like this!

Makes global warming a fun trend to participate in.


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