Band of Gold, Band of Tungsten Steel

In her imagination, the house cat hunts chipmunks in the cold dawn light whilst she sits on her perch in the chilly sunroom.

The woods are quiet, nearly silent this morning.

Our Internet service provides peaceful, background meditative guitar music for refreshment.

In my life, without news headlines, without knowledge of the outside world, the local environment is dry, nearly rain-free in over three months, a temperate zone periodically starving deciduous trees of replenishing moisture, which might cause concern if winter storms do not prepare the ground for spring planting; otherwise, I am unaware of major concerns, problems or worries.

Perspective is a renewable resource, one that grows stronger with age, woven thicker with wisdom like mats of straw or backyard bamboo walls, providing a private meditative space in relation to one’s nextdoor neighbours, if not orbiting satellites and passing planes.

The cloud-free sky is my constant companion today, the warmth of our Sun bringing me joy.

Thankfulness is a reflection of one’s being.

The rings I wear remind me who I was and I might want to be.


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