Early morning light on the forest floor

When I retired at age 45, it was in part a reaction to the death of my brother in-law at age 51, who put in long, stressful work hours [in order] to ensure all aspects of the GLAST satellite had been fully tested in preparation for launch.

Now I sit here nine-plus years later, still contemplating nearby components of the known universe as I have done since I was an infant (and that’s just what I remember; what I learned before then is buried in my ever-changing self).

I have no influence upon Earth’s rotation on its axis or Earth’s revolving around the Sun.

I have little influence upon the generally accepted practice of upper/lowercase use of letters that distinguish such words as Sun from sun.

I am but the set of states of energy in motion which I am.

Today, I wonder if I should give a block of time to summarising the lecture given by the Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi on 3rd April 2014 at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

I quickly glance over my notes from that lecture and see a question worth repeating here:

“Do you believe in kindness when others are not kind to you?”

Ethics and Transformative Leadership…hmm…

Priyadarshi: Write your epitaph while remembering that if it includes riches, most wealthy people are forgotten.  Leaders with vision and values that are ethical are the ones we often remember well.

Question: do we and how well do we want to be remembered?

In the weeks ahead, I will further contemplate the meaning of ethics in my life, seeing where I can throw pebbles in the pond which transform our planet for betterment of future generations not only of our species but of all sets of states of energy with whom we share this planet while keeping our longterm views focused on exploring the solar system.

Which phrase do you live by: “competition vs. cooperation” or “competition and cooperation”?


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