A veteran of diurnal patterns

The 11th hour of the 11th day…

One contemplates the cycles which determine one’s realm of understanding and falls into months of social media silence.


Je ne connais pas.

One familiarises oneself with diversionary tactics such as lulling enemies into a false sense of security during election cycles in order to ensure the quiet but quick succession of security state personnel in the right position

The masses want to be entertained whether they know it or not.

After all, Maslow predicted the predicated precursor of prepositions.

Keep the people in stasis, in fear of losing their physiological needs while offering them safety and a sense of love/belonging that only the state can provide — a state (set) of states (of states (of states of energy)) in motion.

We are all Pavlov’s dog, are we not?

We say the Sun rises in the east even when we know it does not.

What, then, in the age of cybersecurity, is the quantifiable need for military hardware and trained personnel to operate the (not yet automated) military equipment?

What do we do with people [un/der]employed in our automated economy?

How far do we let healthy protesting play out before we say it’s interfering too much with the [short/long]term trends in economic activity? Can we predict which protesters will be (more) productive members of society because of their protesting? For whom/what?


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