12311 days to go

Visiting Earth in the Year 2016, one wonders why individual personalities were still involved in the promotion of scientific truth.

Does it matter who invented an object (say, like the tea strainer) or whether the object’s value is timeless/universal?

Thousands of squirrels replanting a forest and not a single tree or squirrel is remembered for its contribution to Earth’s distribution of forest ecosystems.

Thus it has been for members of the human species, wrapped in their own special cocoons, unaware of the true value of tools like language.

Humans still prance around like peacocks.

The brightest flowers attract the most pollinating insects (begging the question, “which came first, eyes, wings, or brightly-coloured flowers?”).

This whole planet within its cocooning solar system and clockwork galaxy, within the dark forces/energies we are just beginning to understand, has spawned a slew of beings competing for energy sources to reconstitute their competitive nature.

Even beings that cooperate are still competing at one level or another.

In 2016, you were hoping to find on other celestial spheres similar sets of states of energy you call life.

Four hundred years later, going through the effort to generate code which translates contemporary thought processes into the vernacular of a U.S. Southern writer in the early 21st century trains one to understand why the individual person was valued more highly than the huddled, unnamed masses.

You didn’t understand, fully understand, the byproducts of your existence, convinced as you were of your personal self-worth by those who sold the concept of the self in order to increase their hordes of energy sources.

Generations of your species caught in the same vortex for thousands of years, swirling in the eddy of the stream of life, unable to go on, battling each other for the right to say why your species exists while other species have been able to go on, thriving despite your interruptive interaction with them.

A few of you understood that your species might not be the best choice for [re]populating another celestial sphere and worked out the details of creating a better lifeform to go where your species will not.

One wishes one could explain that all the bickering in the zeitgeist is merely noise easily filtered out over time.

But one gets bored and moves back into one’s spacetime, seeing why time travel quickly fell out of fashion, aghast at the antiquated attitudes of I/me/mine.

To reuse a phrase popular in your time, “see you later alligator!”


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