From another Planet?

I’ve never thought myself of any one subculture on Earth.

I belong nowhere although I was raised in the traditions and rituals of my birth family.

This afternoon my wife and I attended with her sister and brother in-law evensong worship services at Westminster Abbey…

where we sat in the choir area (“quire”)…

…and during which, even though I’ve never set foot in a Church of England I knew much of the ritualistic intonations by heart (e.g., Lord’s Prayer and Apostles’ Creed)…

Later, my wife and I went dancing in London, discovering a new dance form called Ceroc.

We had looked up a place for West Coast Swing but found nothing close.

Rode the Tube to Hammersmith Station…

…stopped for some energy pills (i.e., donuts)…

…walked a few paces to Hammersmith Town Hall…

…enjoyed fun with complete strangers…

Even had an English fellow offer me sexual favours on our way out.  Not my cup of tea because, as you know, I’m celibate ‘though I love to flirt.

That’s about it, really, a Saturday night out dancing at a community activities centre, then a stop at the local market for a late night dinner. Could be anywhere on Earth.

We call them “dollar markets” and T.J. Maxx in the States

Earlier in the day, we strolled down Portabello Street Market…

No matter where you want to go, Tube travel is a fun way to get ’round the city quickly!

Until next time!

A bonus photo for science fans:


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