Moon day

Whilst working on an outline of the code segments needed to coordinate the activities of subassemblies, one ponders randomness.

Does one contemplate upon and predict the future or does one intentionally throw pebbles of purposeful weight into the pond in order to create a known future?

Does one need to know the exact location and/or momentum of every particlewave inside and outside the pond in order to see all infinite possibilities for the illusion of time?

A muon does not know it is labeled a muon, but the existence of the word muon uses muons for its existence.

Superlabels and sublabels.

There is no conscious being that solely represents the number three or its square root yet its square root represents the calendar-based number known as the birth year of a military general who served as the first chief representative of the geopolitical entity known as the United States of America.

The labels for three, its square root and a number assigned to a particular revolution of a planet around a star are arbitrary, despite etymological evidence to the contrary.

Therefore, how random should the interactions of subassemblies be?

If the pulse of the natural pump in one’s body is about equal to the number of seconds in a minute, shouldn’t the coordinating “clock” of one’s subassemblies provide a similar function if one intends to mimic oneself as an amalgam of subassemblies that will be spread across the solar system, a galactic “selfie”?

When one sees oneself as a recursive unit, then one has complete knowledge of the universe.

Programming is merely the assembly of labels, the arrangement of self-referential recursive units which do and do not have knowledge of themselves and their natural random recursiveness.

Programming is the work of screenwriters, the creation of one-act plays — once one understands that, one becomes a linguist, writing for specialists and generalists at the same time — one frees oneself from the burden of previous realities to live in future conditions at the same time one lives in the present moment.


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