A world within a world

In the autumn of last year, I experienced what I can only describe as the symptoms of a stroke — sudden hearing loss in one ear, inability to write my name, inability to hold cohesive sentence structures in my thoughts — from which I may have mostly recovered in the sense my set of thought patterns have shifted to adjust to the new norm.

As a named being, I have crawled, walked, burped and pooped on this planet for 54 revolutions around our local star, very aware of my mortality (the end of a future for me as the same named being).

But I can exist as a new set of states of energy, as I do from one interaction of sets of states of energy (one second, to use a conveniently recognisable structure of time) to the next.

What shall I be, keeping the same, familiar label/name?

Do I have to be similar in any way?

Sentient at all?

Can I be a breakdown of the systems we already label such as nervous, circulatory and endocrine?

What exactly is me?

Who am I?

Bottom line: I choose who I am and want be, whatever form/norm that may take.

Thus, the project I’m working on!


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