How random are the movements of atomic particles?

[Personal notes — feel free to skip]

Hard to see myself saying this but I come from a subculture within a generation that couldn’t publicly talk about sexuality but had no problems talking about war.

Now that I’m past middle age, it’s time to get back to the chapter of my life that disregards social media popularity/validation and spend time validating myself rather than validate the hobbies/beliefs of others simply because I’m an agreeable person who will “like”/validate whatever my virtual friends post.

Looks like I’ll vote for the Green Party presidential candidates for the fourth (5th? 3rd?) time, forever dissatisfied with a two-party national political system.

So, too, will I continue my policy of celibacy, going without sexual intercourse for close to a decade now, which also means giving up dancing (or writing about dancing) ’cause it interferes with the mental stability linked to longterm goals such as the biomechelectronic projects for offworld exploration. 

I return to my preadolescent days, clearing out the mental distractions associated with species procreation/recreation and focus on the asexual future that is the true destiny for our cybernetic selves based on current trends, avoiding the divisiveness of misogyny that is part of the masculinity/femininity dichotomy.

Thus, I can reduce the need to masturbate frustratingly because of the conflict between celibacy and flirting/sexual desires that occur as part of what makes dancing/social interaction more than just fun exercise.  Until my wife wanted to take dance lessons five years ago, I was completely happy devoting most of my waking hours to writing scifi stories and working on electronic gizmos — time to get back to that happiness again!

Which means no more Facebook, either, one less temptation to flirt.

Glad I got those thoughts out so I can concentrate on the latest project occupying my thoughts lately.


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