In the lab…

At first, we used scifi novels as inspiration, turning ideas like a set of desert clothes in the Dune book series into a body wastewater conversion unit for people living in arid conditions around the world (mainly science researchers and military personnel due to the cost of the individual units, not economically feasible for individual retail sale).

But not every inspiration is novel.

Some ideas are worth recycling.

Retrending, if you will.

Take the bamboo cane, for instance.

Here in the subbasement lab, my scientists are busy repurposing bamboo once again.

Versatility is one of their prime tenets.

I never knew that bamboo would be useful in space exploration.

But that’s why I keep my scientists on retainer, never letting them spend as much time playing games as they’d like, always promising them a little more time to play games after the next project is finished, which we both know never happens due to the usual emergency crises that pop up during and in between project completion.

Meanwhile, back to the surface where the colleagues of Lee and Guin are busy working on their next story!


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