Moving past the past

I’m starting a new storyline and to do so, spending time with an old friend, Dangerous Dave, whom I’ve known since our “college days” together in Knoxville, Tennessee, starting around 1983.

Today, we hiked trails on Monte Sano, a small mountain in north Alabama, covering parts of the Arrowhead Trail and the Natural Well Trail.

[Arrowhead Trail description]

[Natural Well Trail description]

Here, he shows me where a large landslide which he’s been watching since 2001 has nearly flowed down to the bottom of the mountain, causing trees to collapse in loose soil…


All along the trails we traversed were interesting features of living beings, including trees and creatures…


But most importantly, spending time with a good friend with no set agenda (either timewise or personally)…well, that’s what life is about, isn’t it?


Having friends both old and new with whom we share a variety of interests…

Regardless of our technological future, we humans still communicate via our basic senses.

Sure, we die with our last thoughts unspoken but before that last moment, before our last thoughts, let’s enjoy what we can when we can how we can with whom we can.


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