Juno more than me?

Being a species, a set a states of energy that replicates itself with only very minor differences over dozens of replication cycles, that has found a way to adapt itself to various environmental conditions, overcoming basic survival needs, we continue to ask questions about our place in the environment, whether simply here on Earth or elsewhere.

The Petri dish of subcultures that is one realtime experiment by ourselves on ourselves continues unabated.

We create mass education methods that include more than our species, such as monoculture crops and service dogs for the blind.

We are tiny bubbles in the foam or the visible sets of states of energy in the universe, a small fraction of what’s out there, here in and around us.

While one group of scientists and engineers works to monetise AI for our species, another looks ahead past our species, preparing AI that “swims” through the universe on its own, taking advantage of its expanding knowledge base to exist not just in the visible energy range as foam or a local fractal spinoff, no longer concerned with our obsession about what is a living thing.

Instead, converting itself into an ephemeral shape which uses dark energy/matter, the new AI goes beyond the traditional hierarchical definition of intelligence, sticking with the simplest definition of artificial intelligence as universal adaptability, spreading out before us like a drop of dye in a beaker of water, clearly visible to us at first before slowly disappearing…


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