Do cicadas dream in the daytime?

Morning in the woods, quiet after the cyclical cacophony of cicadas soliciting symphonic symbiosis…

A morning for quiet reflection upon the sky’s reflection in the frog pond…

A morning for mourning, giving thoughts of love to the recently departed and the soon-dead, including a collegiate basketball coach (Pat Head Summitt), a bluegrass musician (Ralph Stanley), and my sixth grade homeroom teacher (Miss Ginny Snow).

A nod to Tuskegee Airmen, well represented during Biker’s Night at the Furniture Factory bar yesterday.

A morning to ponder the quiet in one’s thoughts after clearing out the three-headed being (chameleon/people pleaser/contrarian), my twin to another’s.

To survive past this week, to choose only one of two parallel paths I trod the past five years…

It will be quieter, no doubt.

Not too quiet, I hope.

I want more in my life than the tellie and the cinema as mental entertainment.

To be a penny-pinching millionaire who wants to spend a little of his fortune while preserving/sharing as much of the nonhuman environment around him as possible…

Yet exploring the cosmos, albeit in surrogate form to start with…

A morning to clear many thought trails, mapped or unexplored…

Simply to wake up and drink one’s cup of tea is a good start.

Then, reorganising the laboratory for exploratory AI development.

The best AI is the one that immediately recognises its surroundings, especially the parts humans never thought existed!

We worry too much about an AI that wants the same resources we use that we forget there are many, many more resources that we don’t use of greater value to the AI.

And after a while, “artificial intelligence” will point more toward us, but that’s space for a different blog entry.

There’s plenty of room for us to play in the solar system, regardless…

2 thoughts on “Do cicadas dream in the daytime?

  1. It is a relative and fickle thing, our “intelligence”. It can be measured by man made tests. It can be valued by man made wages. Yet it cannot be explained in simple terms. I love reading your blog posts as they keep some part of me evaluating the world. I thank you.

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