Sky, light, bridge 

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Hair net

Working with an informal team around the world, we used small power PCs and hooked up a mesh network that turned the worldwide powerline grid into a global transmitting antenna. What we found is too shocking for the global public to handle?

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Cybernetics Pioneer

“I feel that we are all philosophers, and that those who describe themselves as a ‘philosopher’ simply do not have a day job to go to.” — Kevin Warwick Kevin Warwick is Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) at Coventry University. Prior that he was Professor of Cybernetics at The University of Reading, England. His research areas are […]

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A world within a world

In the autumn of last year, I experienced what I can only describe as the symptoms of a stroke — sudden hearing loss in one ear, inability to write my name, inability to hold cohesive sentence structures in my thoughts — from which I may have mostly recovered in the sense my set of thought […]

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