The more I think about the word “robot,” the more I convince myself that the word is archaic, that the hive mentality is a more apt description of the nonhuman future where specialised instruments that are part of a network will seek sustenance for the networl itself rather than for humans alone.

Still perplexed about the labels “dark energy” and “dark matter”…as if we’re seven blind people describing an elephant…

To live another 200 years!

Time to play with my old Arduino and Raspberry Pi stuff for fun construction projects.

Unless my wife asks to dance, I am finished with dancing for a while, having accomplished the goals I set.  My desire to be a sought-after dance partner at least once happened when a stranger wanted and asked me to dance last week, completing a task I set for myself five years ago when my wife and I first started ballroom dancing lessons.

What next to do?  Hmm…a big solar system to travel!

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