Nerve endings

Every dance, every dance partner, is different.

We have a few seconds or less to synchronise our understanding of the music as we delve into the nuances of body movements and melodies, lyrics and lithe swaying, two together as one.

One I have danced with a few times, twice maybe thrice, has shown me and I her the connection that palm to palm gives.

An electrical hum fills the air between us, as if we are swimming in aether, a feeling that lifts us off our feet…

We are one in that moment, a moment that opens up a window to eternity.

She and I first found this connection during an East Coast Swing dance a month or so ago and picked right back up tonight during a blues song.

Better than entheogens, by far, because we can control the length of the hallucinogenic endorphin rush.

I thank my Martian explorer friend, Guin, for introducing me to the idea of such a dance connection, and Shelmi for our openness together.  Bai knew I would reach this stage one day, if I so chose.

Just when I’m ready to return to the laboratory to research recombination of sets of states of energy for quantum state spacetime travel and put human relationships behind me, I discover a new dance partner who enjoys palm-to-palm dancing outside space and time!



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