Modern-day Rauschenberg/Pollock?

Starting a new life in an online social network has been a longterm artistic goal of mine, spending years accumulating thousands of people in a personal network that I knew one day I would drop unannounced to the whole old network.

Yesterday, I finally dropped the personal network and started a new one.

The joy and relief is beyond amazingly beautiful.

I am happy in a quiet way that only a single blog entry can attest.

The artistry of setting up a virtual canvas of friends (unaware of how many of them are real living people posting updates), then declaring the living artwork/painting complete is a challenge I set myself and accomplished successfully.

I love my life, even on the days I hate myself so much that the prospect of S looms larger than it should (honestly, I should blame ennui rather than mental illness for the fear of being seen as so uninteresting that I’d want to be dead rather than completely by myself (thus, the phrase “bored to death”?)).

What is the next artistic objective on my list?

Arranging asteroids in the shape of waterslide tunnels for space tourist entertainment, perhaps?


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