‘Naut, what you think

Early morning breakfast.

A cup of rare tea.

A little background music, a touch of Delta blues, a palette of Dixieland jazz.

Anika looked over notes from the previous sol’s meeting.

“A month of Sundays” passed through her thoughts as she reconciled the accelerated timetable against her lab schedule.

She never sweated the details, calmly working out the dependencies that the automated scheduling software listed for her.

A hundred marsyears later and scheduling software had advanced to the point where it didn’t really need humans but Anika liked looking at the schedules personally, analysing for herself which parts of her enhanced body parts would request upgrades.

Her body still needed her.

Earthlings still needed her.

As a cyborg, her robotic friends still needed her.

Needs and wants…yes, such words still made sense on Mars.

She wanted a new flavour of tea, thought about what her tastebuds would report and ordered the food dispenser to serve exactly what she wanted — a little exotic but slightly familiar.

Life is good, she thought, found an error in the schedule and amended the meeting notes with an analysis of the error.

Every sol should be like this!


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