12,430 days to go…

That group of friends with whom a few minutes or a few hours feel the same — a breath of fresh air, a natural high, a warmth within you that lasts for days…

Intersecting subsets, in other words.

A set of goals between them.

One wanted an airship, filled with helium (after all, hydrogen was passé).

One wanted an undefeated futbol season as a coach for middle school aged kids.

One wanted a dance program that reached out to families in the community.

One wanted to teach Maker classes fulltime.

And one wanted nothing less than a colony on Mars.

Together, they were bonded to each other, their inner personalities unleashed.

Separately, they were themselves, bonded to other subsets but not in the same way.

Some believed their goals were cover stories.

Some believed their goals were attainable.

Seven-plus billion people, all connected, all serving one purpose — the act of living.

Every revolution of Earth on its axis brought the Earthlings closer to settling Mars.

Thousands of people were dedicated to populating space not only with electromechanical devices but with living beings such as humans.

Millions of people gave their lives without knowing why.

Billions lived so that one day a person could die on another celestial sphere.

Dedicated to science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, one group of friends met mainly to dance one day a week but the rest of the week to discuss subjects near and dear to them.

Their goals were diverse but related.

Concepts of socialising, community, dancing and hobbies were just as important on Earth as anywhere else in the solar system.

Keeping their personal goals intact while moving to Mars ensured the continuity of sub/culture, passing messages millions of years old on to new ecosystems, adapted to the local climes as usual.

Would a robot ever understand the euphoric feeling that tight-knit friends in a group propagate between themselves?


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