“How did we become genderless?”

“By watching bluejays.”

She smiled. “You did, you mean…”

“That’s right. But I was talking to you. Bluejays sound like seagulls to me, which got me thinking about gulls and their behaviour toward one another…

“I’m turning to you because I can’t turn to anyone else right now about this.  I’m wondering if, by saying I’m genderless, what I really mean is that I’m attracted to all genders, regardless of primary gender display.  Sometimes I’m attracted to effeminate guys and sometimes I’m turned off by them.  Sometimes I’m attractive to feminine women and sometimes I’m attracted to masculine women.  Sure, we all have our dreams, our fantasies, but too many times in the past I was at the point of announcing my sexual ambiguity and chose a pretend suicide, instead.

“The new me can’t go back to that anymore.  I ‘announced’ myself to the Aeronauts and the world didn’t end.  I think I’ll let my sister know next and go from there.

“Thanks for being my friend through all this.”

Guin patted Lee on the shoulder. “No problem.”

Lee sighed.  “There are days when I’m attracted to you and don’t want to give you the impression I’m after your body so I clam up.  I think it’s okay to say you are attractive to me sometimes and other times you are a platonic friend without it interfering with who we are to each other.

“Anyway, the freedom of thought, both rational and emotional, has been a relief.”

Guin nodded. “Me, too. I’m attracted to people’s minds. How about you?”

“If by mind you mean personality, then yes.  That’s what I mean when I say I’m genderless. ”

“Me, too.”

They stood next to the telescope and studied the stars.  How soon would they  circle Jupiter?


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