Letting loose thoughts that may be me or a new character…

As a writer, I work hard on becoming a character before writing about it.

It’s interesting going through the current set of thoughts right now and avoid falling in love with someone else. I fall in love too easily and have to be careful to separate my friendships from the part of me that desperately wants to be loved by everyone all the time.

Yeah, that’s why I’m building a treehouse. That way, my attention is focused on it, I can write love poems to it and sit with it under the stars, staying totally in love with it 24/7, avoiding complications. It is why I am happiest today and can die happy tomorrow. I never have been able to keep my exuberant love for others in check, being that excitable little kid who jumps up and down whenever anyone pays attention to him.

My partner has been my de facto benefactor for 30 years. As I let my new self be free, while also developing a new fictional character, I realize I no longer have to ask permission from my partner to seek my happiness — true freedom I never knew was possible until yesterday!

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