Quo Vado?

She leaned back against the tree trunk, feeling it sway in the April breeze.

“So this is what you meant by dancing trees?”


The Sun had set over the western rim of the hill, turning high clouds into gold, crimson and violet feathers falling from an exotic extraterrestrial bird flying close over Earth’s atmosphere, suspended in the sky as dusk fell.

She sighed.

“So much to do tonight…birthday dinner with my husband, then a charity event, late night dancing…but I want to stay here a little longer.”

He nodded.

“How often do you come up here?”

“Almost every night.”  He unfolded a heavy star tracking tripod, placed a telescope on top and pointed it to a spot through a clearing in the treetops.  “Want to see the Beehive Cluster before you go?”

“Yes.” She reached out in the near darkness of the forest and placed her hand on his back before pushing off the tree and standing behind him.

He adjusted the focus and stepped aside.  “Take a look.”

He held her hand and walked her two steps forward.

She closed her left eye and smiled at him in the dark, making a pirate “Arrgh!” growl.

They both laughed.

She looked down into the telescope, letting the starlight fill her vision.

Her smile spread from her face into her thoughts, easing the tension of the week, as she let work stresses and body aches fade away.  This is what true friendship is about, she thought to herself.

“What do you think?”

“I’m not.”

“Good.  What do you think it looks like from Mars?”

“I don’t know but…”

They spoke in unison, “…I want to find out.”

They roared with laughter, leaning against each other and the tree trunk to keep from falling out of the treehouse.


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