A quick reminder

Their trip to Mars was routine, their sleep cycles slowly adjusted to the local Martian timezone where they’d recondition their bodies and help set up the new communication array. The in-flight updates they received from the Martian crew they’d left behind a year before contained a few surprises, but nothing out of the ordinary — […]

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Yet Another Way Station

Lee and Guin had finished their goodbyes and met at ISSANet HQ. During the morning briefing on the current mission, they listened as the senior project manager and lead investigator explained the usual dangers of space travel. With their body enhancements, Lee and Guin could augment their memories, mentally setting up tag points in the […]

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A rock in my boot

Lee and Guin had enjoyed a much-needed R&R visit with their family and friends on Earth. Guin had recovered from surgery which prepared her for a long space flight. Lee had enjoyed the luxury of playing in his old backyard, building a treehouse.  He had breathed the forest air day after day, falling in love […]

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12,430 days to go…

That group of friends with whom a few minutes or a few hours feel the same — a breath of fresh air, a natural high, a warmth within you that lasts for days… Intersecting subsets, in other words. A set of goals between them. One wanted an airship, filled with helium (after all, hydrogen was […]

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