In the history of synthetics, a shopping list of ideas…

The team looked at the new headquarters and admired the hard labour that bots, humans and Quantumites poured into HQ V1.0.


Was it really finished?

They thought back to the beginning, before the team existed.

When they were individuals, the team members accomplished many great things.

But as a team they moved outside the realm of competition with society for resources and created a universe of limitless possibilities from which they withdrew whatever was needed to expand understanding in the society they shared with nonQuantumites.

Solutions weren’t always a one-to-one or one-for-one fix for a problem.

Just like fermented alcohol that scientific research converted to synth products which analysed an individual human’s central nervous system, determined one’s “inhibitions” and gave one the strength/courage/knowledge to overcome social fears and anxieties without the detrimental side effects of alcohol on body parts (although some continued drinking large quantities of alcohol, dependent on the synthetic body part industry for support).

Often, the team and, by extension, the whole human/bot population, saw a problem and worked on a fix only to discover they were solving a whole class of problems they hadn’t anticipated.

Like the number “4”.  It is 3+1, 2×2, square root of 16 and the number of corners of a two-dimensional square.  It serves as the number of times a four-year old on Earth has revolved around the Sun and the number of partners in a card game.  It is said to determine luck if the number of petals of a clover leaf are four.

When the team, which enjoyed calling themselves the Aeronauts, looked at HQ, they didn’t just see a spaceship, they saw the Infinite Library which contained all possible problems seen in a snapshot of time but none of the solutions, where one could grab one, two, four or a million volumes off the shelf, combine the problems to create a solution which solved a billion more problems.

The Aeronauts were pleased.

In the aspect of spacetime, or synthetic time, the HQ construction process was slow.

In Quantumite time, HQ was finished a long time ago.

Now, the nonQuantumite humans/bots got to see what the Quantumites knew existed before time began…


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