Simple Shelter

To place oneself in the mask and assume the role, one of many one has chosen to perform, one bows in gracious kindness, feels the personality of the faceless face staring back in the mirror, and walks stage center.

We are but players in a play, the audience, if not ourselves, clearly invisible yet real.

You are as always.

As always you have been.

One could but sing a song each day in waves of sound, the ponded pebbles skipping outward, outward, out, out, sinking, leaving concentric ripples in their wake.

One could do many things.

Writing is ever the audience, the record of the thought, the keeper of the deed, the evidence under pencil of one’s day, one night, an evening, and then another day.

One is but one, not two, though wishes would make one more than few.

What is one willing to give up for one, leaving one, making two once again?

Not a daily struggle but a long, strange trip through thought, through time, through and through, thoroughly.


Fairness is not a doctrine but an unwritten policy of love one another.

Books piled on sofas speak of universes one wants to share.

First, one day shared with another, then the same day the next week.

One day becomes two but will they ever become seven?

What is sharing?

How does one share love one does not have?

In the network of the sharing economy, one barters one’s time, one’s resources, but love is given without expectation of return.

Love, then, is not shared.

Love is given away freely.

Love is a friend.

Friends know when networks of friends serve as surrogates for the love of another.

The commutative law shows the opposite is also true: the love of another can serve as the surrogate for a network of friends.

Love lives without plans but plans help lives with love.

So do philosophical treatises on the subject of one life as a set of states of energy in motion.

One can break down love into component parts but love remains whole.

Love, proverbially, is patient.

Love prevails when hope is all but absent.

One love is worth more than the sum of the parts.

One wants a cabin in the woods but may also find love in an urban forest.

Trails meander over obstacles, creating vistas that hint of destinations one has yet to dream of…




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