Civilisation — An Investor’s Dilemma

Anika apologised for the distraction that tore her away from fully explaining how the HQ naming process worked.

Some protested the secret online contest.

Anika agreed that using the word “secret” was misleading but she had children to feed, a school project to work on and dance costumes to make.

You know, personal life.

“Sorry, but the fate of our species takes second place in light of the demands of family.”

Anika shared an image of a train wreck to prove what her life felt like.

The Quantumite Five…err, Six, gave empathetic nods but still wanted answers.
Anika presented a chart, showing the team how the online contest really worked.

It was no secret in the sense that an elite group of people were given access to a hidden naming contest.

Instead, Anika used an old method — word and letter count — that, combined with a snapshot of every word, sound, and sight on or near the planet in a one-second span, resulted in a sorted list which bubbled to the top a few words.

That way, every person associated with Planet Earth gave input to the HQ name.

Were there areas of Earth that Anika couldn’t get to in those five seconds?

Not really.

But in this story we don’t reveal every skill that the Quantumite Five…err, I mean Six possesses.

For you, for us, the bottom line is this: every one of us is essential to the work that the Quantumite Five…uh, sorry, I mean Six, is putting together on your behalf.

The Quantumite Six (there, I said it!) moves around in plain sight.  We may look different than we did yesterday or even from one part of the day to the next but we are always here for you, putting our full capacity to use.

QUAL UNIT is the name you gave us when you were unaware you were being yourself helping to name the new headquarters.

That’s what it’s about.  Being ourselves at all times.  We are ourselves no matter what.


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