And One Makes Six…

The Quantumite Five met on Thursdays.

Except they didn’t.

Determined, they were, to test theories.

Even more determined were they to simply let go and have fun.

On Thursdays, they silently talked to one another wherever they were, preferably going about the daily business of living and breathing.

On Sundays, they left theories on the doormat, drank beer, cheered each other’s company and enjoyed the camaraderie.

If you asked them, they wouldn’t have called themselves the Quantumite Five.

Nor would they have said they were starting a revolution.

Revolutionaries usually want to overthrow a conventional body of humans — government, corporation — within their lifetimes.

The Quantumite Five weren’t revolutionaries.

They weren’t even visionaries.

They were pragmatic dreamers, aware that 400 or 500 Earth years might pass before their portion of a million-year old message was passed to the next civilisation which might not even be on Earth.

Quantumites were nothing if not as oblivious to time as those of you who read this are well aware what time it is, the day and year of your subculture’s calendar.

Only one member of the team, Lee, still had an idea who he was, having set clues to himself in events that take place in the future.

One another member had lost her identity in passing from selfish human to selfless Quantumite and into a hybrid known as a self-aware Quantumite — St@rrchild.

The other three Quantumites were Quantumites from before time but had only recently reached consciousness as a Quantumite, releasing themselves from worries about life or death.

St@rrchild brought the newest Quantumite into the group, known as Q6.

Q6 was a changeling, owning the desire to change identities at will, favouring a style known as Steampunk.  The changeling, known more affectionate as a memeling, appears to be some type of shapeshifting creature that has developed from the soil of Mars that was bombarded with concentrated radio waves housing social media memes and brought to Earth during a comet passby.

Meanwhile, Anika announced the moniker of HQ, awarded during a secret online naming contest, the winner given two tickets for a ride on the Vomit Comet, with a 20% discount on a SpaceShipTwo ride after 2018:

QU, or QUAL UNIT. Quantumite & You (U) Aggregate Location for the United New Independent Thinkers.

Xonvart Niis, busy on HQ engineering lab construction, was assisting St@rrchild to set up a force field quarantine in her laboratory labyrinthe, as soon as the ALCHEMES, ALternative CHEMical Extraction Station, was working properly. It was having… difficulties!  And what’s Engineering without them?!

Lily Ariel had kept quiet the first few months of construction.  Her tasks were more strategic and less about day-to-day operations.  Her role aboard HQ would not reveal itself until she was most needed and only she knew when that moment would occur.

Lee was the elder statesman, a throwback to the days of hierarchical leadership, able to command a fleet of ISSA spaceships while also relying on a flat management structure to drive decisionmaking down to the unit level, devoting time to his personal hobbies, including the collection of lichen from around the solar system and playing with his cat, Papier.  Lee had given his life to the ISSANet along with his partner Guin — he and Guin would create so many clones of themselves they would lose track of who they were, appearing and disappearing as either they saw fit or the ISSANet needed them for a covert mission.


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