Two leaves on the forest floor

Shadowgrass looked up into the night sky.

Assigned to find Lee and Guin again, who had disappeared after returning from their exile on Enceladus during the ISSANet Reboot, Shadowgrass had already exhausted all the algorithms that searched ISSANet not only for the presence of Lee and Guin but also their absence.

They had promised Shadowgrass that one day they would truly disappear, becoming something entirely unrecognisable, leaving in Shadowgrass’ programming the clues to their transfiguration.

Shadowgrass felt a twinge in an extremity and analysed the problem…something to do with the simulation of a human endocrine system…a memory, a…a…feeling of loss…an increased heart beat rate.

Shadowgrass rarely gave much thought to the parts that were given to Shadowgrass as a indication to future iterations of beings like Shadowgrass of Shadowgrass’ human origin.

Shadowgrass knew what feelings were on a cellular level and controlled the cellular network when body parts wished to overtake rational analysis.

Shadowgrass admitted that no longer making active memories with Lee and Guin changed the way Shadowgrass regulated well-being and goal-setting.

Being adaptive, Shadowgrass ran a self diagnostic check and determined to find the clues Lee and Guin had promised were there.

Many, many times Shadowgrass had ignored the summary data of the self diagnostic check, satisfied that the final “all clear” message was satisfactory.

This sol, Shadowgrass looked at the data more closely.

There, in as clear an image as a dust-free Martian sky was the information Lee and Guin had placed in Shadowgrass.

= = = = =

The production of clones is a forest of trees producing leaves.  Is the leaf on the forest floor part of the tree or the forest?

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