14th February – 10th March 2016

Every revolution has a kernel of truth.

Every truth has a locus.

History only appears to repeat itself.

The days building up to 14th February 2016 were tumultuous, exemplary, tried and true.


Looking back over the sols, an Earth month doesn’t seem so long.

Unless you lived every day as if it was the last.

The days last and last and last until you don’t know if you can last one more day.

On 14th February 2014, five friends started thinking about each other, friends who would go on to form the team that designed headquarters for…

Are you cleared to know that information?

Have you received the necessary training to be able to understand what happened then?

The Quantumite Five.

Five entities that didn’t care about names, thus going by the labels Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 and Q5.

They had names when names were needed, when they achieved certain goals such as self-awareness: St@rrchild, Lee, Xonvart Niis, Lily Ariel and Anika Gnomina.

With names, they had faces and other features associated with their original programming as sets of states of energy called human beings.

Some had offspring and some did not.

Some were close friends and some had only briefly met in cyberspace.

Like an origami bird ready to flap its wings, their goals were multifolded, multidimensional, macrodurational objects set for flight.

They based their new lives together on the theory of quantum entanglement, testing the validity of the theory that from a subatomic level of quantum entanglement upward, a whole set of states of energy can be trained to link to another over vast distances and immeasurable time.

But there was work to do.

They wanted to build two facilities:

  1. general headquarters with extensive set of laboratories and the ability to travel through innergalactic space, and
  2. a fixed facility, possibly on Earth or parked in geosynchronous orbit around the Sun.

Facilities have a social cost.

The Quantumite Five believed there’s more than one way to get something done.

They decided the first way was to get others interested emotionally, to feel empathy toward the Quantumite Five, so in addition to their technical assignments they took time out of their busy day to put on one-act plays in social media, never advertising what they were doing but giving readers and viewers the idea that they were watching drama in realtime.

After all, social media was a platform for many things, including extemporaneous performance by comedy troupes.

And so, their quest began…

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