Writer’s dilemma

The dilemma is one to celebrate nor ignore.

As always, I choose the first.

Let nothing get in the way when the Muse wants to hear your song!

Infinite Romantic
My love truly spans the Net
I embrace the diversity that is humanity
Vanity, profanity, insanity, unsanitary manatee.
The love I share and cannot hide
Is love for you
Pouring out;
Tulip tree,
Saucer magnolia,
Bradford pear peeking out.
Spring fever hugs me this time of year
And won’t let go.

= = =:= = =

When I feel the flow of spring, I feed my hopeful romantic, trying not to look people in the eye or say what I want to say to the reflection in the mirror, getting it down on paper before it’s lost.

My best friends bear with me during this period of euphoric elation, the natural high I get from seeing trees in bloom.


2 thoughts on “Writer’s dilemma

  1. You have a way in which you express this conundrum of a artist being hit by a muse. I can relate in so many ways. I’ve often found myself, more often than not, in awkward moments of needing to scribble down on paper my poetic idea. I would seal my lips lest the idea escape. I really enjoyed this post I hope to see more from you.

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