The Whisper Campaign

With over seven billion people who make a difference, we needed at least that many different ways to crack the code of what makes us.

We didn’t want to tell each other what to do.

We wanted us to discover our distinct characteristics through coaching/coaxing.

By the time we reach birth age, our bodies have been exposed to an environment which predisposes us to chemical dependencies outside of our control.

In other words, our personalities are already tied to our surroundings.

Our coaches — parents, siblings, caretakers, random people on the street making googly eyes at our infant smiles — reinforce our innate behaviours.

Like trees that compete and negotiate with their neighbours for sunshine, rainfall and nutrients while subject to temporary weather changes and longterm planetary trends, we grow up with our neighbours, subject to their local and planetary influence on us.

Just because our ancestors behaved a certain way due to their environmental conditions doesn’t mean we have to, even if their influence has been passed from parent to child, parent to child, down to us.

We are not competing with our ancestors for who is acting the most authentic way.

From birth, every new day, every hour, every minute, every second, we have the opportunity to change, knowing as we do how many of us are naturally resistant to change, subconsciously aware how much we depend chemically on our immediate surroundings.

We rely on memory to reinforce our behaviour.

But what is memory, really, but neurochemical pathways which reinforce themselves through memory recall, a positive feedback loop (even if the memories are not what we might call positive), positive in that our bodies feel familiar sensations, regenerating the idea of self?

When we let go of self as a necessary label, we gain a new understanding that feeding from the same field that generations of deer fed off while your ancestors plowed, planted and harvested the land makes us deer, quasidomesticated animals, easy targets for herders and hunters.

Domestication is a positive action, increasing our chance for survival on a planet that isn’t looking out for our best interests (unless you see a tornado, cyclone or tsunami as a way the planet culls out the weak and unprepared).

We are free to make decisions but not free from ourselves and our bodily needs/wants.

For instance, as we decrease the mortality rate from cancer on many body parts, we increase mortality rate from cancer of the liver.

Who we are is not an obvious cause-and-effect, this-begets-that set of steps.

To plant an idea like humans evolving into new lifeforms which are designed/adapted to live on the Moon, Mars or innergalactic spacecraft, we cannot just put up billboard adverts and say it’s going to happen — the effectiveness of billboard adverts is negligible to someone who doesn’t see the billboard or is oblivious to the advert’s message.

Sometimes, a whisper is more powerful than a shout.

Sometimes, a hug is more powerful than a military tank.


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