Giddiness vs. Maturity

While working out details of a long range plan, it dawned on me that I have tied specific individuals to the plan in an attempt to consolidate/simplify my life.

The plan is more of a map of milestones that exist with or without me.

I have come to realise that thoughts I carried were selfishly mixed up.

The people in my life are real.

The people I imagine as participants in the plan are only close approximations for long range planning purposes.

We may be sets of states of energy whose actions at a distance appear automatic, robotic or predictable but in realtime believing that we are these mushy bags of love, fear, dreams and doubts is still the working magic we share and understand.

Letting myself participate in the social media extensions of our bodies has taught me that much.

The unemotional smartphone that is my extended self is a part of me but not the only part.  I do not give it a name, cuss at it or fall in love with it but it virtually connects me with people who use names, cuss and fall in love.

These words are what the cloned version of myself, reengineered to live on Mars, should be able to think/comprehend…

To feel love for someone so much you act like a giddy, excited kid but also a mature, responsible adult, keeping your team alive and well.


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