Worldwide Efforts

While the team conducts another review of the final design review, we pause to consider the size of the team.

You do know you are member of the team, don’t you?

See, that’s the thing about the IoT or Internet of Things.

We built a model of the planet that was supposed to simulate humans generically.

The model was grand.  It was beautiful.  We really thought it was going to save the planet.

Then, a team member, a fellow human like you, pointed out the obvious.

The IoT already exists, if you take into consideration the point that every one of us is a type of thing, a set of states of energy.

Therefore, why model the planet when the planet is already a model of itself?

We can run realtime simulations with ourselves, using subsets/subcultures as temporary test labs.

The Internet allows us to verify test results instantaneously.

You understand where this is going, don’t you?

You are both a test subject and a test reviewer at the same time.

By being alive and going about your day, you directly contribute to the team’s efforts.

Forest ranger, online product reviewer, TV show binge watching retiree, lawn maintenance crew, oncologist, magazine photographer, student, politician — every one of us is a critical member of the team.

Seven-plus billion strong.

We were swarm robots before swarm robots were cool.


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