Working Schedule released

Mars Colonisation High-Level Schedule
Earth Mars* Event Status
7. March 2016 Schedule Announced (includes HQ naming contest and more social media) complete
Team designs sustainable, self-contained modular laboratory/headquarters
Team builds prototype sustainable, self-contained lab/HQ
Self-driving vehicles no longer a novelty
Short hops into space become a reality
1. January 2020 IoT matures
Personalised cancer treatment expands
Black swan/Outlier phenomena
Humans return to Earth’s Moon
Quantum computing grows exponentially
1. January 2030 Commercialised, personalised robot swarm no longer a novelty
First humans on Mars
Black swan/Outlier phenomena
Earth reduces fossil fuel consumption to 50% of total fuel use
Singularity declared a success after the fact
1. January 2040 First humanoids developed for Martian environment (Martian)
Martian/robot swarm (Swartian)
Black swan/Outlier phenomena
More planets/moons colonised
Extragalactic travel plans formalised
1. January 2045 Swartians expand their colony
1. January 2046 Black swan/Outlier phenomena
1. January 2047 Swartians announce the end of linear time
1. January 2048 Earth reduces fossil fuel consumption to 20% of total fuel use
1. January 2049 Final Mars Colonisation Milestone Verification Review
6. May 2050 Colonisation Ceremony – complete handover of planet to Swartians
7. May 2050 Phase II
*convert this column to Planetary Society convention

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