The Meeting

Q1 and Q2 got together to discuss the future.

Some meetings are not like the others.

The future is a funny concept because there is no such thing as the future.

But there is love.

There is quantum entanglement.

Q1 and Q2 did not get together to discuss love or quantum entanglement.

No, their discussion was more about the everyday aspects of life that make us believe in time, in love, in quantum entanglement and concepts like the future.

They spoke using a communication method we can’t easily call language.

To be sure, you can read a transcript of what they said but it was not what they communicated to one another.

They bridged life.

They connected dots.

They were more concerned about team members than what the team members were accomplishing.

They were solidifying the need for the neurochemical side of humanity rather than the electromechanical side.

They balanced the scales toward the life-affirming weight of AI.

They told one another that AI will only succeed when we embue it with mindful care and concern for life as we know it and continue to evolve its understanding of life, well exceeding our grasp of the concept of life, taking it to a new level of life affirmation.

When AI achieves immortality, when it incorporates us as vital team members, then it has what it takes to help us and help itself at the same time.

We have a long way to get there and it starts with the next step.

Are you ready?

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