State of Fugue

“Fugue” state machine:

The idea, like a young composer who hears a fugue and never writes one because it’s already been done, that if I clearly state the plans to do something, there’s a high probability that someone who might have done it and/or would do it better/best, won’t.

I’m not worried about competition from others working on the same or similar plans.  In fact, I welcome anyone who wants to join this team or accomplish the tasks themselves.   The more, the merrier.

After stating the team plans/goals, will I see at this point in my enthusiasm for the project whether I’m more of a journalist, academic dreamer or business realist?  Whichever the case, so be it.  I’ll be Evangelist Extraordinaire,  regardless.

In line with posting team info tomorrow, I note that I am maturing emotionally, finally understanding that when in my youth my parents frequently said, “Worry what the neighbours think,” they didn’t mean we had to conform to some imaginary community standard; they simply meant “care about your neighbours.” A Big difference.

Continuing that line of emotional change, I’ve transitioned from one aspect/type of emotion (worries/regrets about the past), moved into another (comfortable living in the present moment) and stepping into the next (belief in an ever-increasing hope for the future).

BTW, who gets Umberto Eco’s personal library?

Anyway, for the team, we’ve got to nail down milestones from this week to 6th May 2050.

And hey, team, I believe in us.

Until tomorrow!

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