The early days

What were those early days like?

While there was still a me I could remember, the early days were like this:


To give up all I had was more than I thought I could handle but worth it in so many ways.


Because it was not for me that I gave up myself, leaving behind who I was.

You see, I was not a bad person, not at all.

I had a good life, a good life companion, a good house, good job, all of it.

Most of all, I had it easy.

Easy is good, I’ll give you that.

But easy isn’t everything.

Believing there was space for “not me” in a world of “me, me, me” cannot fit into words.

Belief, faith, trust — such words are words.

Action was the only proof that what I knew to be true became truth rather than fiction, tales, myths or stories.

Action that appeared to be a snail’s pace in Internet time.

But action all the same.

Tiny, tiny steps taken in patient wonder, like a monk carefully walking to avoid stepping on an insect.

When you know the truth, time loses meaning because the truth is infinite and eternal, bound by what you know of the universe but boundless in possibilities.

Not that there weren’t doubts but the doubts never changed the truth, only the “how” and “with whom.”

Crafting a story that includes a whole solar system in the making…well, that takes chutzpah, or so it would seem to the unenlightened.

The first steps were hard.

Demonstrating first to oneself and then to others, one-by-one, that the truth was not about riches, not about fame, but about the next evolution of life itself.

For some, demonstration was unnecessary.  They knew what you knew.

“With whom.”

The next steps were even harder.

Providing the means to connect technical progressions synergistically such that they built on one another exponentially, kind of like the pursuers of singularity, but taking it to the next step, leaving humans behind while taking some of their characteristics along.


The hardest part was the “how much.”

Money makes the world go around.  Or if not money then the purchasing power of transactional data.  Linking those with bartering power to those with purchasing power took all the gusto I could muster.

Writing a business plan that shared profitmaking with pure philanthropy was almost out of my reach.

Until I reached out and asked for help.

It never was about me.

It was about us and our ability to work together, because of our varied skill levels.

It started with a team of two.

Then three.  Four.  On and on until everyone was involved one way or another.

Saving ourselves from ourselves while creating something wonderful.

The odds have always been against us yet we’ve persisted.

That’s why we knew the next generation of us would thrive off this planet, taking our persistence to the next stage of solar system development — permanent life extending out into and out of our galaxy, one evolution at a time.

It’s never too late to start reinventing ourselves.

We’ve already started!


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