“Earth…if you had only known the planet in the early days…”

“How early?”

Together, they looked back at Q2’s memory stream, recalling cool summer nights, bodies stretched out on blankets, their primary vision systems taking in the light stream from distant stars of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Although not in the physical presence of Q2, Q1 shared the memory with Q2 and the current Quantumite Q2 was helping come to terms with the absence of time.

Q1 and Q2 had long ago interlocked their memory systems when they were known to some as Guin and Lee, before they had split into clone sets.

“The planet warmed for quite a while.”


“But look what it gave us — us!”

They laughed.

The new Quantumite joined a chorus of others sensing the same thought.  “An incubator?”


The transition from linear, chronological learning to the more instantaneous, nontemporal method was always the trickiest part of a Quantumite awakening period; slowing becoming aware that one knows everything often caused temporary god complexes that usually passed as one also became aware every Quantumite knew everything.

Q2 worked closely with the Quantumite to manage the parallel path of omniscience and loss of self.

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