Multipersonality test

When thinking like a writer, I delve into different personalities. Today, working in the garage at home, rain falling more heavily as a flock of thunderstorms fly overhead, I think about the comic books of my youth, looking at my personal copy of IDRAWCOMICS, a sketchbook for visual arts, and I wonder about the characters […]

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Happiness, from fastcodesign

[from here] HAPPINESS IS MOSTLY THE ANTICIPATION OF AN EVENT AND MEMORY OF IT”Ask yourself whether you are happy, and you cease to be so,” said the philosopher John Stuart Mill. It’s a paradox at the heart of happiness. We are hardwired to enjoy the anticipation of a joyous event, and savor the memory. But […]

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Plastic cups, plastic straws

Sitting in a Starbucks, drinking iced white chocolate mocha, venti, watching the world go by, Huntsville Hospital campus across the street. Blue sky, tiny hints of white vapourish clouds tinting lapus hues… Passing in and out of love with the same woman has watched me move in and out of the ordinary, nary, ary. I […]

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How, how many…?

How, how many times have we stood out here, You and I, Clouds silently passing by, The moonlit sky talking to someone else tonight… Smiling just because… Laughing because loved… Calculus equations more forgotten than foregone conclusions? Sols, probably more. Neptune’s cycle barely finished as we started again, renewing ours. How? No worries, that’s why.

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